Imp continues to comfort his frayed nerves and make sense of the outside world by referencing Ghostbusters. But what is the sinister surprise that lurks just off panel?!?

Time for more Ghostbusters references... "I've quit better jobs than this..."

Fun facts!

  • Anisocoria is the medical term for unequal pupil sizes, as Imp is demonstrating quite a bit here in his outdoor panic.
  • When Imp takes the shut-ins normal step of Googling his symptoms, he finds this, a whole list of scary and life threatening things that could be causing it.
  • We can therefore infer that Imp's fearful reaction at the end of this strip is just a hallucination induced by his impending brain hemorrhage... or possibly just a more comedic way of drawing the pupil dilation that occurs naturally during the "fight or flight" response in humans. Find out next week! Is it a tragedy, a comedy, or a bit of both!?!