Imp and Teed continue their awkward marsupial staredown... Where is this all heading? What strange meaning does this koala hold? Years from now will you be decoding a random string of numbers found etched on it's fuzzy ass in order to ascertain the dark secret of the island Imp find's himself trapped on in strip #874? No, no you won't. It's called Appetite for Distraction. Distraction.... ooh, nuggets.

Imp should watch this, or y'know, go places occasionally...

Fun facts!

  • Koalas have two thumbs on their front paws to aid in climbing.
  • Koalas are threatened by the destruction of their habitat to make way for new building construction.
  • I'm sure if you're a koala reading this you're giving it a 4 thumbs up review! Less than 4 thumbs up and I might just know a guy who wants to build an Arby's right where you're favorite eucalyptus patch is. Capice?