To the geeky introvert, every day is a horror. So give your local introvert a hug. (That is, if you can somehow get them to open the door and succeed in cornering them in the confines of their one bedroom apartment. Careful you don't trip over something, the drapes are closed and it's dark in there...)

What's Imp so scared of? The Overlook seems to be a fine place!

Fun facts!

  • The Shining's final blizzard in the hedge maze was actually a combination of pulverized styrofoam and 900 tons of salt!
  • A secretary was hired to type the famous ”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” script in the film. The manuscript was approximately 500 pages long.
  • No wonder Imp enjoys The Shining so much, it combines his love of high sodium content foods with his passion for deranged typography!