Wow, it's been about 3 months since I posted Appetite for Distraction #40 to Steemit. So the title of this strip is an homage to both that and the slumber still to come!

This strip was a fun illustrative piece that capped off the ending of the little "walk in the park/koala tragedy" tale. It is the last Appetite for Distraction strip I had produced a number of years ago. Upon discovery of Steemit, Appetite for Distraction was dusted off and used to "test the waters" and systems on the Steem blockchain. I do believe AFD had its fair share of success and I thank everyone who enjoyed and supported it.

Is this the end? No. Just a distraction. I still have notepads full of strip ideas and I'm very fond of the inane little world I was shaping in these comics. I will revisit Appetite for Distraction at some point, but if you hadn't guessed, "The Imp" is very much a reflection of me, Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff.

At the moment I bounce between working on I Thought It Would Be Zombies, Seer, and Appetite for Distraction. I dabble in writing comic reviews and other articles. I read alot, right now books on writing and storytelling, and lots of research for ITIWBZ. I devote some time to online art courses because I'm not nearly good enough to yet realize my visions. I spend time building and rebuilding websites for each of my creations and myself... still searching for the right structure.

In short, I try to do everything that pops in my head, and my progress can sometimes be lackluster because of it! Welcome to the real world of Appetite for Distraction! So no, this isn't a goodbye. But it is a goodnight. When the "alarm clock rings" and there are new developments to announce regarding AFD you'll hear it on the Steem blockchain first. In the meantime please continue to follow the pages of Seer as I release them here on @spottyproduction, and look for more one off artwork and articles over @bryan-imhoff.

Stay Distracted!

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff